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Water Taxi & Private Charters


Our inter island water taxi service provides a fast, efficient and comfortable way to get between the  islands.


Operating Hours

Daytime: Mon to Sat

Evenings: Mon to Thurs

Our boats are licenced to carry up to 12 passengers

Tel: 07841 368987




I work with a number of organisations on the islands (and those with interests on the islands) offering commercial contract services. If you have any specific or regular business requirements on Scilly, please call to discuss contractual rates.


If you're coming to Scilly on business for the day, and need boat transfers on tap, give me a call to discuss your options.


If you’re planning a trip that takes in all the islands over a couple of days, it’s worth giving me a call beforehand to discuss the tides, as some islands are affected more than others by the low tide. I can help you schedule your day(s) so that you make the most of your time on the islands.

Tel: 07841 368987




If you would like a Wildlife & Scenic tour of the islands just for yourselves why not have a private charter?

We can tailor a trip to suit your needs.

£190 per hour - up to 5 passengers

£35pp - 6+ passengers

Please get in touch for details.

Tel: 07841 368987


Mainland Transfers


Cornwall Map.png

When flights are disrupted or cancelled due to fog or reduced visibility we offer mainland transfers to and from Penzance. These trips can only be done with calm sea conditions. Please contact us promptly as seats fill up quickly. Keep an eye on our Facebook for updates.

Private transfers between Scilly and the mainland are possible but can't be booked more than 2/3 days in advance due to the need for accurate weather & sea forecast. 

Journey time approx 1hr 45 mins.

Please get in touch for details.

Tel: 07841 368987


Raptor Boating Logo.png


Our other boat 'Raptor' works in partnership with Falcon Boating.


It offers a 90 minute wildlife and scenic tour that will take you to one of the seal colonies to give you close up views of our resident Atlantic Grey seals.


You will get to see a variety of birdlife including Gannets, Guillemots, Fulmars, Cormorants, Razorbills and more, Puffins are seen for 4 months - April to end of July. Dolphins and Porpoise are sometimes seen on our trips. 


Your skipper will give you a guided tour of the islands and point out sights of interest on the way. The trips route will vary depending on weather and sea conditions meaning no two trips are ever the same. 


The trip is fast, fun and suitable for all the family, young and old. Our outside seating area offers a fantastic viewing platform for taking in the wildlife, stunning scenery and beauty that the islands have to offer.




Adults: £35pp

under 13's: £25


A weekly schedule will be published here on our website and Facebook page (Raptor Boating). Bookings can be made via the website, email ( or by phone 07729 127877.

Additional trips will be scheduled to meet demand - please get in touch.


Private charters are available - please get in touch for details.

Wildlife & Scenic Tours
Our Boats


From 2021 Falcon & Raptor Boating will be working in partnership and can provide a service for up to 24 passengers if needed. 

Falcon Boating Logo.png


Falcon is an 11 Metre Red Bay cabin Rib powered by twin 300hp Yamaha outboards. It is licensed for 12 passengers, all 12 can be accommodated in the cabin with additional seating for 10 in the outside seating area. Falcon operates 12 months of the year.

Falcon Inside.png
Raptor & Falcon Boating Logo White_Rapto


Raptor is an 11 metre Redbay cabin RIB powered by twin 300hp Yamaha outboards. It is licensed for 12 passengers, all 12 can be seated comfortably in the outside seating area. Should you choose there is additional seating in the cabin.


Raptor has an outside steering position which we use when in close proximity to wildlife giving you an opportunity to ask any questions direct to the skipper.

Also available for private charter for sightseeing tours. 

If you are visiting the islands on business you can charter the Raptor to get you around the islands.

Raptor Boating Inside.jpeg
Falcon Boat.jpg

James Stedeford

James was brought up on Bryher and worked in the family boat business for 24 years. James now lives on St Mary's with his family and operates Falcon Boating providing water taxi and private charter trips. 



Raptor Boat.jpg

Dan May

Dan lives on St Mary's with his wife and three young children.  After finishing education he skippered for Bryher Boats before returning to the family farm at Peninnis which he works alongside Raptor Boating.

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